by Bury Me At Sea

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Live off the floor with additional vocals
Recorded at Compact Audio Recording Studio.
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada.
All Songs written and performed by Bury Me at Sea.


released March 14, 2017

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Justin Felix @ Compact Audio Recording Studio



all rights reserved


Bury Me At Sea Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

5 Piece Melodic Hardcore band from the east coast of Canada.
Debut EP 'Abandonment'

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Track Name: MIRACLES
I've been broken, torn apart. Consequence of my doings. But every failed attempt is only a gain when you look at it in a positive way. New faces appear leading you in the right direction when you are needing a change. While old pathways remain untouched. Forgotten, left for new life to grow. It's time to break away from the architect of negativity. You set me free. Your presence has taught me to be the person that I'm destined to be. Shedding light so I can see where I am going. Providing strength, we're here to stay.
Track Name: ANCHORS
The horizon is changing but never to be met. And I'm tired of running instead of building a place where I can sleep. So distant now. I've lost track of where I am and there's no comprehending after where I've been. I'm starting to make my way home. It's a long road when you have to carry yourself with all the things that are constantly holding you back. Throw them all away. It's apparent that they're only weighing you down much like an anchor when you are trying to set sail. Weighing you down. Where are you now? Im coming home!
Track Name: CAPSIZE
The last time that you buried me alive, like a mental illness, I had no control over my mind. The shipwreck has been in the sand but there I was still floating with the debris. Capsize. I couldn't think for myself you had me drowning in lies. Grey skies no longer linger now that the storm is over. It came in waves. I watched it sink as I swam now it's rusted memories. Forever grateful for the pain, the only think that this has taught me is to appreciate the ones that you hold close to your side. Helping you stay afloat during the changing of tides. Now here I am living a healthier life.
Track Name: MISLED
Standing tall, casting shadows like a statue. Manipulating the way that we perceive this life. Innocent lives dying just so you can prove a point. Preying on the weak is for the weak. When is it going to stop. It's right in front of your eyes. Where is your voice? And you turn and look away. Where do we draw the line? How can you drift through life without finding stable ground. This is where we draw the line. I'm not afraid to die, it's who I have to leave behind. While all the innocent lives are hung by the thread of misdirection. It's right infront of your eyes. Where is you voice? And you turn and look away.
Track Name: LOST
I saved myself from dealing with the same shit over again. All it takes is time to teach yourself. All I hear are vacant pleas fiending for serenity. Well there's no finding hope if you cannot help yourself. Cause burned myself alive just trying not to die. I've given everything to keep the flames alive. Just wishing that it would end I cut the sling my was in. Cause when it's too late you'll never feel whole again. The poison rushes through my veins but I keep going back despite the constant state of disdain. We are flawed by definition. Anchoring our happiness on the beliefs of someone else. I'm cold and have been for awhile now. A lifeless waste purge me from this place. The ties that bind will end up pulling you apart while seeking haven in addictive ways. So how am I supposed to feel watching the world passing by through anxious eyes. If I were a better man I could tell you that everything's okay. The pain will fade with time. It's all in your mind. Just wishing that it would end I cut the sling my mind was in cause when it's too late you'll never feel whole again. So I burned myself alive just trying not to die. I've given everything to keep the flames alive. Now that I'm a better man I can tell you that everything's okay. The pain will fade with time. It's all in your mind!
Track Name: O.H.D.H
It's hard to pick yourself back up when all support has abandoned you. Knees are weak. Struggling to breathe while the dark is restricting you to see. At a lose for self respect. Only a burden that you carry on your back. Stop letting yourself lose focus over burrowed memories of the past. Old Habits Die Hard. I see the light. Old Habits Die Hard. I'm here to take whats's mine. To find your meaning, you find yourself. Stay true and stop living for someone else. Discovered purpose, we're here to stay. Refusing to be cast away!